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This is a nice detail interior photograph of the stone end bank barn at the Jacob Reiff Park, which will one day serve as the future museum for the Lower Salford Historical Society.  The hand-hewn beams, shown above, may shed some light onto the disposition of materials of an earlier log structure that once stood on the Jacob Reiff Plantation.  Apparently, the interior of the circa 1800-1810 (plus or minus 20 years) Reiff Barn, as it is called locally, has numerous parts that were used in various structures dating as far back as 1740 or possibly earlier.  We placed star symbols on two of the beams that were once part of the earlier log structure mentioned earlier.
The old Jacob Reiff Farmstead, when time seemed to have stood still, as it looked back in 1969 when the Township acquired the farm and before a majority of the outbuildings were torn down.  The neighboring George Seneco Farm on Upper Mainland Road (barn and silos) can be seen in the background behind the Reiff Farmhouse.  Mr. Seneco's barn and silos are now gone, but his old farmhouse still remains.  Some remnants of the small foot bridge which can been seen crossing the West Branch of the Skippack Creek, a/k/a Little Branch Creek, still remain to this day covered under tall brush.
A nice view of the meadow of the former George & Mable McCoach Farm, now called the Jacob Reiff Park, located at 775 Quarry Road, Harleysville, PA 19438.  LSHS
Probably, the second house on this site, known locally as the Jacob Reiff Homestead, Jacob Reiff Park, Reiff Park, or Jacob Reiff Farmstead, was once part of the original plantation of, you guessed it, Jacob Reiff.  Mr. Reiff served as Tax Collector for this area of Montgomery County (During his time Philadelphia County) during the Colonial Period.  There is much documented history to verify this.  Although, we must mention that written history indicates that Jacob Reiff probably did not reside in this particular house, but the house further downstream, which is now owned by PADER (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources) and located in Evansburg State Park.  The site of an early log cabin was located a number of years ago upstream from the Jacob Reiff Homestead on a neighboring property and dates to the same time period, if not earlier, 18th century. The date of the house pictured above was pegged at 1780 (plus or minus 20 years) by the PA Historic & Museum Commission back in 1969.  Recently, this stone house, stone smokehouse and circa late 18th or early 19th century stone-end bank barn (the latter two not pictured here) were nominated for the National Register of Historic Places. The above pictured farm house is the current headquarters and museum of the Lower Salford Historical Society. 
Two interior photographs of the Jacob Reiff Homestead. Another good example of why not to use an instant camera.  Photographs by Joshua F. Kratz
Photograph looking at the walk-in fireplace and bakeoven inside the Summer Kitchen.
Interior photograph of the small display room showing a small brick corner fireplace with treatments, 19th century horse-drawn sleigh, 18th century land draft mounted on wall to right of window, watercolor of the Bergey Mill Farmstead hanging over the mantel by the late Paul Lederach, Jr., watercolor of the Reiff Barn by Pat Wilson-Schmid hanging on the wall to the right of the sleigh, and some other small items. LSHS