Photograph of the corn crib, wagon shed, outhouse, chicken shed and pig barn at Bergey Mill Farmstead.
Photo of porch scenes at Bergey Mill Farmstead.
Photo taken standing in center of foundation (bottom barn area), of bank barn prior to reconstruction, looking towards the house at the Bergey Mill Farmstead.
Photo taken while standing at the top of the barn foundation looking towards the pig barn with the Branch Creek beyond the tree line.
Very cool feature of the farmstead. 
Looking down into the well area.
To the left is a picture of Bergey's Mill located on Bergey Mill Road near Lederach, PA.  This picture was taken sometime during 1968.  The mill purportedly burned down during the early 1980s and was later purchased, restored and now in the possession of private owners.  Original photographs (black/white) dating to the early 20th Century of Bergey's Mill (also known as Ziegler's Mill) are owned by the LSHS.
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Old photographs below showing the reconstruction of the former Bergey Barn.