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The above two pictures are sites located within the Lower Salford Township Park System that are operated by the Lower Salford Historical Society.  Preservation efforts of both sites are on-going throughout the year.  Contact lowersalford@hotmail.com for more information on either site.
Below are some artifacts that are in our collection.
Photograph (above) of the demolition of the former Alderfer Family Farm on Route 113 below Lederach, PA.  The front house dates to the mid to late 19th century, the center "box" of the home dates earlier and the back addition with bell tower was not dated.  The barn was an early Lower Salford barn (date uncertain) that was renovated circa 1888.  All of what you see is now gone, and it is now part of the  Lederach Country Club that is still under construction and development.
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Above photograph is an old fanning mill that was donated by the Lukens Family; right is a corn row planter donated by the Hunsberger Family, which originally came out of the barn where the present-day Harleysville Car Wash is now standing on Main Street (Route 63); the photo to the bottom right is of various artifacts that are in storage and are not able to be displayed yet; the bottom photo is of another artifact that came from Lower Salford Township.  It was found on a barn that was torn down some time during the 1970's along Alderfer Road.  The date found on the bottom of the board reads "1908" and the initials above the date read "J. M. A." 
Former Stadium near Harleysville Community Center
Street Scene in Vernfield, Pennsylvania
Indian Creek Church of the Brethen located near Vernfield, Pennsylvania
Old Postcards from Vernfield and Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Remember when . . .
A time when there was no Wal*mart
A time when a barn such as one that stood along Kinsey Road and Upper Mainland Road still stood
Saved from the bulldozer . . .
Hiram Clemmer Barn from Franconia Township finds a new home in Lower Salford Township, pictured above, at the Bergey Mill Township Park on Bergey Mill Road near Lederach, PA.
Rear view of the historic Hiram Clemmer barn looking towards Bergey Mill Road while standing in the meadow of the Bergey Mill Park in Lower Salford Township.
Vernfield General Store
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